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Privacy policy

Information and request for consent of the processing of personal data

L’’Astemia Pentita S.r.l. welcomes you to its website, and with this Policy intends to provide all useful and necessary information on the treatments applied to your personal data.

The intention of the informant is to let the user learn more about the methods of processing personal data concerning him.

L’’Astemia Pentita S.r.l., in line with Law Decree n. 196/2003 (hereon after "Privacy Code") and the (EU) Regulation 2016/679 (hereon after "GDPR"), intends to guarantee privacy and security of the personal data of all our website users in accordance with the provisions of this Information Notice. This information is intended as information pursuant to art. 13 of the Privacy Code and of the articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR.

Scope of application of this Privacy Policy statement
This Privacy Policy governs the processing by L’Astemia Pentita S.r.l. of personal identification information and other data collected and freely communicated by you. "Data" and "Information" include information that enables personal and contact identification, such as name, address, email address, telephone number or information relating to training, professional profile or business role and data that is not publicly available in other way.

1. Type of data processed
The website offers informative and sometimes interactive content. While browsing the site, Astemia Pentita may, therefore, acquire information about the visitor, in the following ways:
• Navigation data
The computer systems and software procedures used to operate this website acquire, during their normal operation, personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.
This category of data includes: IP addresses, type of browser used, operating system, domain name and the addresses of websites from which access was made, information on the pages visited by users within the site, access time, permanence on a single page, analysis of the internal path followed and other parameters relating to the operating system and the user's IT environment.

2. Purpose of the processing
Your data will be processed according to the principles of confidentiality, integrity, transparency and any other principle envisaged by art. 4 of the present Regulation

To Provide a good and/or the service requested by a web user, to manage agreements signed by said user hence carry out all associated administrative, accounting, tax performances and legal obligations. In addition, to reply to all requests.

To detect your experience in using our platforms, our products and the services we offer therefore ensuring the proper functioning of all web pages and their contents.

To send commercial communications regarding promotions and/or offers to which you may be entitled to benefit, in the interest of the Company Holder an all companies owned by Italgelatine S.p.A.

To Perform profiling activities, i.e. analysis and processing of information relative to the user, his preferences, habits, consumption choices and browsing experiences. This activity is also carried out through the use of technologies such as cookies (for more information, please read though point 13 of our "Cookie Policy").

The treatments put in place for these purposes are necessary for the fulfillment of contractual obligations and do not require specific consent from the interested party.

All treatments put in place for these purposes are based on a legitimate interest of the Company Holder.

Treatments put in place for these purposes are carried out with specific consent provided by the web user, except when regarding commercial communications relating to products and/or services similar to those already purchased and/or signed by the web user for which the processing is based on a legitimate interest of the owner.

Treatments put in place for these purposes are carried out with the specific consent provided by the user, except for an analysis of elementary information relative to the consumer’s preferences.

3. Scope of data circulation

For administrative purposes, we would like to inform you that your data may be forwarded by the Company Holder of L’’Astemia Pentita S.r.l. and/or other partner companies of L'Astemia Pentita.

4. Data transfer outside the EU
According to the art. 43 of the Privacy Code and of art. 44 of the GDPR, L'’Astemia Pentita S.r.l. may transfer your personal data to Third Parties located in countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. In this circumstance, L’’Astemia Pentita S.r.l. ensures the adoption of adequate guarantees (such as the signing of standard contractual clauses approved by the EU Commission) with the foreign company receiving the data. Said clauses guarantee a level of data protection corresponding to those established by the European legislation.

5. The roles and responsibilities in the field of privacy laws
Your personal data is processed by L’Astemia Pentita S.r.l., which operates as the Data Controller. More detailed information on the names of the appointed Data Processors may be requested by sending an email to the following address: privacy@astemiapentita.it.

6. Data processing methods
The processing of personal data is mainly carried out using electronic procedures and supports (Databases, spreadsheets, management software, etc.) for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data is collected and, in any case, in compliance with the principles of lawfulness, correctness, non-exceeding and relevance provided for by the current privacy legislation.

7. Redirect towards external web sites
Our website may use a select number of social plug-ins. Social plug-ins are special tools that allow one to incorporate a social network's features directly into a website (e.g. the Facebook "like" function). All social plug-ins in this website are marked by the respective logo 2owned by the social network platform” (e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin).

When you visit a page on our website and interact with all installed plug-ins (e.g. by clicking the "Like" button) or by deciding to leave a comment, the corresponding information is transmitted from the browser directly to the reference social network platform and thus registered in their servers. For information on the purposes, type and methods of collection, processing, use and storage of personal data by a social network platform, as well as the ways in which you may exercise your rights, please consult the privacy policy regulations adopted by each and individual social network.

8. Connection to/from third party sites
It is possible to connect, via special links, to other websites or connect to our website from third-party websites.
The Company Holder declines any responsibility regarding the possible request and/or release of personal data to third party sites and in order to manage the authentication of credentials provided by third parties.

9. Data Conservation
We inform you that all data regarding navigation logs, when recorded, will be kept by the Data Controller for a period of 26 months. We also inform you that all data you provide will be processed for the entire duration of the existing contractual relationship between us. Furthermore, it will be preserved exclusively for the predetermined period of time necessary to fulfill all legal obligations, provided that they it won’t be compulsory to keep them further to defend or enforce a right or to fulfill any further legal obligations as ordered by the Authorities.

10. Rights of interested parties
The subjects to whom the aforementioned personal data refer ("interested parties") have the discretion to exercise their rights in the manner and within the limits provided for by the current privacy legislation. In relation to the processing of your personal data, you have the right to consult L’’Astemia Pentita S.r.l
• access: you may request confirmation whether your personal data may be processed or not. In addition, you may ask further details in regard to the present information notice. You may also have access to your personal data within limits of reason;
• rectification: you may enquire L’Astemia Pentita to rectify or supplement by you provided or under our control, if you deem it to be inaccurate;
• cancellation: you may request to cancel the personal data we acquire from you, and that are subsequently controlled by L’Astemia Pentita S.r.l.: if they not necessary to meet the purposes for which they were first collected; if there are no disputes or disputes in progress pending, in the event of withdrawal of consent or its opposition to data processing, in the event of unlawful data processing, or when a legal obligation to cancel might exist;
• limitation: you may request limitations in the processing of your personal data, when one of the conditions listed in art. 18 of the GDPR occurs: in said determined case your data will not be processed if not for storing reasons. In this case your personal data will only be processed as listed at comma 2 of the present article n. 10.
• opposition: you may at any time object your personal data processing on the basis of our legitimate interest, unless our legitimate reasons prevail on yours: for example, in case during the exercise or our defense in judicial seat. Your opposition will always - and in any case prevail - over our legitimate interest in processing your data for marketing purposes;
• portability: you can request to receive your data, or have it transmitted to another owner indicated by you, by filling in a default template, commonly used and readable by an automatic device.

Furthermore, pursuant to art. 7, par. 3, Law 196/2003, we inform you that you can exercise your right to revoke consent at any time, without jeopardizing the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent previously given. Finally, we inform you that you have the right to file a complaint with the Control Authority, which in Italy is the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data.

To exercise these rights, report problems or ask for clarification on the processing of your personal data, you may connect with us by using the contact information listed at the following link http://www.astemiapentita.it/it/contatti.php or send an email to privacy@astemiapentita.it We also inform you that, in addition, you can forward your requests by mail, by writing to the appointed Data Controller: L’’Astemia Pentita S.r.l., based in via Crosia 40, 12060 Barolo (CN) Italy by specifying the subject of your request.

11. Right to oblivion
We inform you that this Information only concerns the processing of personal data that you have provided or will provide to The “L’’Astemia Pentita” S.r.l. - possibly also purchasing our products and/or services provided upon payment or participating in our promotions and/or offers and those that, eventually, L’’Astemia Pentita S.r.l. will acquire in the course of this report and/or further dealings between you and us.

On the other hand, if you wish to assert the right to oblivion with reference to your personal data, we remind you that the Data Controller is L'’Astemia Pentita S.r.l, to which you can turn to, for the purpose of exercising this right referred to in art. 17 of the GDPR by writing to the appointed Data Controller based in via Crosia 40, 12060 Barolo (CN) Italy, or by sending an email to the email address privacy@astemiapentita.it.

12. Changes in the Information
The possible entry into force of new regulations, as well as the constant examination and updating of services to the user, could entail the need to modify the methods and terms described in this Statement. It is therefore possible that this document will change over time. We therefore invite you to consult this page periodically. We will publish any changes to this Policy on this page and, if the changes are relevant, we will notify you with a more visible notification.

13. Cookie Policy
What are cookies?
Cookies are packages of information sent by a web server (e.g. the website) to a user's Internet browser, the latter automatically stored on the computer and automatically sent back to the server each time the site is accessed. By default, almost all web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies.

Ways cookies can be installed:
• directly by the owner and/or manager of the website (so-called first-party cookies);
• by managers outside the website visited by the user (so-called third-party cookies). Where not differently specified, please notice that these cookies fall under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the same manager. Further information on Privacy Regulations and their use can be found directly on the websites of the respective operators.

This website may use, even when combined one another, the following types of cookies classified in accordance to the indications of the Privacy Guarantor and of Opinions issued within the European framework by the Working Group pursuant to art. 29 of the GDPR:
• Sessions, refer to the cookies that are not permanently storied on the user's computer and are deleted when the browser is closed. They are strictly limited to transmitting session identifiers necessary to allow a safe and efficient exploration of the site avoiding recourse to other IT techniques potentially prejudicial to the privacy of the website users' browsing history.
• Persistent, cookies that are stored on a computer's hard drive until they expire or are canceled by the users/visitors. Through these persistent cookies, visitors who access the site (or any other users who uses the same computer) are automatically recognized at each visit. Visitors can set the computer's browser to either accept or reject all cookies or display a warning whenever a cookie is proposed, in order to evaluate whether to accept it or not. The user can, however, modify the default configuration and disable cookies (i.e. block them definitively) hence setting the highest level of protection.
Technical, cookies used to authenticate oneself, to take advantage of multimedia contents such as flash player or to allow the choice of the navigation language. In general, it is not necessary to acquire the prior consent of the user. This also includes cookies used to statistically analyze accesses/visits to the site only if used exclusively for statistical purposes and by collecting information in aggregate form.
Non-technical, referring to cookies used for profiling and marketing purposes. Their use on an users' terminal is forbidden when not having properly informed a user beforehand; and might they not have given valid consent in such respect according to the opt-in technique. These types of cookies are, in turn, grouped according to the functions they perform as following:

o Analytics. Cookies used to collect and analyze statistical information on accesses/visits to a website. In some cases, they are associated with other information such as credentials entered for access to restricted areas (your e-mail address and password). They can also be used to profile a user when in reference to their personal habits, sites visited, downloaded content, types of interactions carried out, etc.
o Widgets. All graphic components of a user-interface program with the finality of facilitating the web user in the processes of interacting with a web-based program. Facebook, Google +, and Twitter cookies may be defined as widgets.
o Advertising, this category includes cookies used to advertise within a site. Google falls into this category.
o Web beacons, this category includes code fragments that allow a website to transfer or collect information by requesting a graphic image. Websites can use them for different purposes, such as the analysis of how a website is used, during controlling activities and during the making of advertising reports and the customization of advertising content.

The cookies on the “L’Astemia Pentita” website.
Technical Cookies for which consent is not required.
L’’Astemia Pentita S.r.l. will allow a number of cookies to be installed on your device and, in particular, in your web browser. Hence it may allow third parties to do so when necessary to acquire and/or make it feasible for our partners in regard to the collection of statistical information (anonymous and aggregated data) on your browsing history on Italgelatine’s website pages.

In particular, these are cookies related to the following statistical analysis services:

• Google Analytics

Cookies for which consent is required

Furthermore, if you give your consent through one of the simplified procedures described in the information presented at the time of your first access to a site of L'’Astemia Pentita or following the instructions that follow, L'’Astemia Pentita S.r.l may install and/or allow third-party companies listed below to install additional cookies (defined as profiling cookies) for which you can choose to modify or revoke consent given in whole or in part through the following links:

Third-party cookies
Facebook may process your personal data through the website of L'’Astemia Pentita when you give explicit consent. Thus, it may process your personal data to ensure a web navigation experience enriched with functionalities and social network services. https://www.facebook.com/policies/Cookies/

Twitter may process your personal data through the L'’Astemia Pentita website, may you decided to give consent thus allowing you to a browsing experience enriched by functionality and social network services https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170519-use-of-cookies-and-the-similar-other-technologies-of-twitter

Linkedin may process your personal data through the L'’Astemia Pentita website, may you decided to give consent thus allowing you to a browsing experience enriched by functionality and social network services http://it.linkedin.com/legal/cookiePolicy

Google Analytics
L’’Astemia Pentita website has activated Google Analytics advertising functions such as: reports on demographic data and on Google Analytics interests. The activation of these advertising functions allow Google Analytics to collect traffic data through Google advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers, in addition to data collected through a standard Google Analytics implementation.

L'’Astemia Pentita website collects and uses data coming advertising campaigns built around Google's interests or data coming from third parties (e.g. age, sex and interests). Google Analytics functions are implemented on the basis of display advertising (e.g. remarketing, reports on demographic data and on the interests of Google Analytics) only for statistical and public analysis purposes. All data is collected and aggregated anonymously using proprietary or third-party software (egg Google Analytics). L'’Astemia Pentita website and third-party suppliers, including Google, use both proprietary cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) to inform, optimize and publish announcements based on previous L'’ Astemia Pentita website user visits. You can disable Google Analytics for display advertising and customize Google Display Network ads as following:
- By using the Ad Settings at the following link https://www.google.it/settings/ads
- Through the components currently available for deactivation of Google Analytics for the Internet: at the following link https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/

First-party cookies
Might the possibility arise of third parties (unknow to L’’Astemia Pentita S.r.l.) processing your personal data we recommend you customize your cookie-related preferences at the following address http://www.youronlinechoices.com/it/le-tue-scelte

How to disable cookies through your browser configuration
If you wish, you can also manage cookies directly through your browser settings. However, by deleting these cookies from the browser you could also remove the preferences you have generally set for the L’Astemia Pentita web site. Because of such a possibility we recommend a periodical visit to our website and checking your website preferences.

Data Controller

L’’Astemia Pentita S.r.l. with registered office in via Crosia 40, 12060 Barolo (CN) Italy

The appointed Data Controller can be contacted to exercise the rights pursuant to Art. 12 and/or for any clarifications regarding the protection of personal data processed by L’’Astemia Pentita S.r.l. and can be reached at the following email address: privacy@astemiapentita.it